Here I am telling poems at the Icelandic Embassy.

You can’t tell from the sound, but there’s a section where I wrote the words on paper as I recited them, dragging the line of text between opposite walls, carrying it through the air on a page of my notebook. I held the open notebook horizontally like a tray, and wrote against it as though the words were balancing on top and might drop off the edge of the page if I let it tilt too far.

It was a bit precarious, but I ended up with a page of very messily scrawled lines of poetry, each line with its words joined up in a continuous thread of biro and not even stopping when they reached the edge of the paper. The lines fell off the edges of the pages onto the walls where their marks remained. You can see the marks in the pictures below – I drew not directly onto the walls but into blank picture frames to avoid messing up the wallpaper.

You can see from the pictures that only one of the lines of poetry made it all the way to the far wall. All the other ones reversed before they reached it and I had to run them back to the wall they started from before they fell off the paper.

This reading was part of November’s Maintenant event, organized by SJ Fowler in association with 3:AM Magazine. You can listen to all the evening’s contributors here.