For its contribution to INVITATION ONLY at SIDESHOW, VerySmallKitchen presents WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS KEEPING IT MOVING, a one day exhibition in response to a proposition within an artists book fair within an arts festival in Nottingham within unfolding networks of new, ongoing and potential collaborations and exchanges.

Featuring: Jonathan Jones/ The Sticky Pages Press, thwart; Pippa Koszerek, Top 100 and Spoiler(Glossary); C S Leigh, Syntax (London, New York and Tokyo versions); Achim Lengerer, SCRIPTINGS; Jill Magi, SMALL TALK SMALL BOOKS; Tamarin Norwood, Homologue and DO SOMETHING; Onomatopee, A Task for Poetry 1-3; seekers of lice, LOUSE FACTORY, QUOT and dumb show; Red Fox Press, C’est Mon Dada and Franticham’s Assembling Box.

For more information see the VerySmallKitchen site.

Sideshow Artists Book Fair
Today: Saturday 30 October 2010 – 1:00pm – 6:00pm