VerySmallKitchen‘s Art Writing Field Station returns tomorrow morning as part of the LECTURE HALL: FREE SCHOOL, a festival organized by Edward Dorrian/Five Years Gallery and The Ladies of the Press. More about the festival is here.

Tomorrow’s Field Station will include presentations by David Berridge, Marit Muenzberg, Tamarin Norwood, and Mary Paterson, along with live broadcast by Karen di Franco and the CONCRETE RADIO project.

More about tomorrow’s event is here, with three brief outlines below:

TAMARIN NORWOOD: A set of proposals for the present relevance of past performance, considering the scope of conversational implicature in lecture writing and performance writing.

MARIT MUENZBERG: An exploration of various connections between different spaces and their temporalities performed in, on and around the dummy book.

MARY PATERSON: A presentation which lies between a talk, a discussion and a confessional.  The focus is memory and the model is Memory Exchange, a project conceived for Writers’ Tent at  Away Day (May 2010). How do memories create the future?  When does fiction become imaginary?  What do you remember?