Below is an update on The Writer’s House, a three-day series of writing residencies this weekend at Wandle Park as part of the POST event AWAY DAY. The event is open to all and runs 29-31 May, 12-6pm daily.

The Writer’s House is curated by VerySmallKitchen. From the VSK site:

The Writer’s House invited five practitioners to devise day long projects that utilised the house/ tent as a studio for a writer in residence, yet  also took account of the public and interactive nature of the AWAY DAY event. What happens to the writing when it takes place in the social and natural environments of Wandle Park? What – where – who- when – how-  if – then – was/is/will be writing?

Projects – by Bram Thomas Arnold, Rachel Lois Clapham (in collaboration with Antje Hildebrandt), Marianne Holm Hansen, Tamarin Norwood and Mary Paterson, each begin as a score with varying relations to what might happen in the park itself.

Such scores function as self instruction, an invitation to others, an announcement, a conceit, an observation, hope and warning, attempted seduction, and/or an intuition towards multiple possible activity. They inhabit the conceptual and physical geographies of Wandle Park via their own.”

To read the five scores, and for more information about the writing project see VerySmallKitchen.

The AWAY DAY event is a POST artists network project. More information about the event is here.