In April Reading for Reading’s Sake is taking place at Islington Mill. It’s described as “a four-day event aimed at interrogating reading as a practice. Unlike a regular reading group, Reading for Reading’s Sake aims to explore the activity of reading, the situations in which we read, reading as a shared event, a private passion, concentration, interpretation, sound and voice, the symbolic and emotional value of the act.”

I’ll be writing at the David Roberts Art Foundation over the weekend, but I’m sending up a small participatory project in my absence which develops from my research over the past couple of months:

Musica Practica is an ongoing research project that treats texts as machines for making new things. The project addresses the relationship between writing a text and reading a text, and seeks to develop convergences and reciprocations between the two practices.
During Reading for Reading’s Sake a short text from the Musica Practica project will be available to read and to write. Readers are invited first to read the text, and then to give shape to their silent reading by writing the text outwards again from memory onto blank paper. The resulting texts will be compiled to produce a document of the ordinarily ephemeral act of reading.

The full schedule of events is here.