Documents from a day of presentations ‘about about-ness’ have just been posted on the Performance Matters website. Performing/Knowing was led by Gavin Butt, who explained in his introduction:

“what hopefully unites all contributions will be the experimental ways in which our speakers strive to recast the ways in which writing might be considered to be, in a precise way, “about” its subject. To cite one of our speakers, Kate Love, today’s event might best be characterized as being ‘about about-ness’ in showcasing some differing approaches that artists and writers have adopted in making work “about” something. Our contributors will pose the seemingly simple question of what is it that one might do in the pursuit of knowledge: What types of things should we say, and how should we say them? How might we best orient ourselves towards that which we desire to know? How might we feel, and value what we feel, about an experience beyond the frame of language? And how does the mode of address to a reader, or to an audience, affect the success – or otherwise – of an act of communication?”

Recordings of contributions by Adrian Heathfield and Hugo Glendinning, Oreet Ashery, and Kate Love are online here.