Tomorrow afternoon I’m at Five Years Gallery giving a short talk I’ve called TEXT as TOOLKIT, drawing from Franz Kafka’s short story The Burrow as my source of tools for grappling with practices of art writing.

My presentation is part of the afternoon’s Art Writing Field Station, which is one of the discussions taking place during Field Recordings:

Field Recordings is a programme of events timetabled by Edward Dorrian to address the concept of the Field Recording. The Art Writing Field Station was put together by David Berridge in response to this theme. Our aim is to gather texts and practices that might constitute the ‘field’ of the art writer, and from these materials to develop a working lexicon we might use in our discussion of that field.
“The intention is that the end result will be a field recording that is both an example and an exploration of the process by which the field of art writing constitutes itself. The session is also an attempt to propose and explore the nature and implications of adopting a “field” based methodology.”

The Art Writing Field Station runs from 2-4pm, Sunday 7 February at Five Years Gallery:
Unit 66 6th Floor
Regent Studios
8 Andrews Road
London E8 4QN