On the radio tomorrow afternoon is a different take on the text I’ve been writing about this week. Here’s an extract of the broadcast:

“Now to keep you all together, I’d like you to bear in mind that not all of you will be hearing my voice at the same time. If you’re listening to this on the internet, the sound will reach you with something like a 384 millisecond delay, so you’ll hear what I’m saying just under four tenths of a second after any listeners on analogue radio will be hearing me. If you’re listening online you can account for this lag by playing almost four tenths of a second after my beat.”

The best way to hear Musica Practica is to listen ‘live’ by clicking on LISTEN NOW! at the bottom right of the Resonance website, or tune if to 104.4fm inside London. It’ll be broadcast on Monday 1 February at 4.30pm, and broadcast again on Friday 5 February at 7.30pm.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll put the audio online so you can listen to it later on, but the work is designed to be listened to at the time of broadcast.

Musica Practica is part of the antepress art writing radio series Digestives.