My radio play What The Matter Is came up in conversation the other day, and it reminded me I still hadn’t put it online. So here it is, as it was originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM in March last year. (Original post here.)

“My hole punch is black. It’s just normal. It’s made of black metal, and the underneath is black rubber so you peel it off when you want to get the holes out. At the moment it’s too full of holes to push the top bit down so it can’t actually work. I rarely change the holes because they get everywhere and they aren’t really meant to be all that good on their own, the point of them is to breed and start a community that’s meant to establish itself among your plants.”

I’m still very fond of this short and completely unplanned addendum I made after What The Matter Is, which begins “The ladybirds have settled..”.