Rachel Lois Clapham and Alex Eisenberg documented today’s 10 Performances event with a live feed they updated throughout the day. By the time my performance What To Do begins they’re halfway down their third page. I love their occasional attempts to type out variations on everything I was saying. You can read what they’ve written here.

The text of What To Do is available to download as a pdf from the 10 Performances website, but I’m not sure I recommend you read it: the effect of reading the text on a page or a screen is very different from the effect of the performance itself. I’d like to think about creating a version of What To Do that can exist only as text, but until that happens I think Alex and Rachel’s live account is a closer document.

And here’s my own document of another performance, scribbled in my notebook in the dark. Theron Schmidt’s This text bears false witness reminded me very happily of some phrases from John Barth’s Lost in the Funhouse, which I wrote about here and here earlier this year. (click for a larger image)

(“Hello is like a safety pin” is just a note to myself, about a poster Anton and I are working on.)