This is our new home. In a complete change of everything, this home consists of a white studio. It means rather than making artwork in a domestic space as I have been for the past few years, I’ll be doing domestic things in an art-making space.

It will be very good to see what becomes of all the artwork I’ve made which I feel lives best in a domestic space now that the only domestic space I have is in the service of artwork. The pear holder and the cup handle holder and the things painted red. And to see what becomes of the ‘blurring of art and life’, as Allan Kaprow would say.

On Vyner Street a few months ago Anton and I found ourselves at either end of a piece of string and began to walk together to fold it in half. It was a nice thing to suddenly find going on, but then we noticed we were in an art studio and what we were doing might be ART. We let go of our ends of string somewhere between embarrassment and disdain. We’ll have to see what happens.