Two Thursdays ago I went to the Whitechapel Gallery for an event called Word Play. We all stuck together lines and words and phrases cut out of two texts, and from these fragments and agglutinations we built a kind of play in three parts. Some of the agglutinations were exquisite.

I made one particularly nice sentence which I tried to steal and keep for myself by sellotaping it in a line to the table where I was sitting, but then I moved to be better positioned for the scissors and when I got back it had gone. Later on I heard it being read out as part of the play, so somewhere down the line someone must have unpeeled it and added it in. It had something to do with saying things, or remembering things we used to say, or something.

In the end the only sentence I managed to steal was this:


On November 19th I’ll be returning to the Whitechapel with antepress, and we’re going to present our response to this first evening.