I sometimes try to write using things that aren’t words, especially utensils. I think it’s because like words, utensils already have a purpose – they always already point at some function beyond their physical edges.

This questionably photoshopped arrangement of forks and rortary motors is what I want to try next. I’ve done it with 6 motors before and 12 forks, and when the motors are close together the forks continually collide and demand constant maintenance – I take a fork out, move a motor, adjust the angle of a fork, unplug a motor, and so on and so on. It becomes a slightly frantic but completely pragmatic conversation between me and these things, which engrosses us all completely.

I want to see how many I can reasonably maintain at once without too much noise and clattering and bending of prongs. In November I’m going to Athens to join a troupe for a theatrical exhibition based around Raymond Roussel’s novel Locus Solus, and I’m going to develop a straightforward presentation of these forks for that. I need to buy more motors though, and probably more forks unless we’re to eat soup until November.