The picture below shows the framework of a discussion we held last night at the Vyner St space. We talked about LIKE WHEN YOU in connection with Claire and Altair’s Empty Studio Interviews project, as a way to think more about correspondences between studio and gallery spaces.


A number of practising artists came along and talked about how they use their studios, and many of them didn’t feel the space of the studio presented any specific problems. I find this very interesting, because for my own practice entering a studio space – or entering an art-making mode – is fraught with problems. Clearly it’s very dependent on the nature of the work you make, but at the moment I find walking into a studio space effects the same kind of total shift as the entry into a modernist gallery space described by Brian O’Doherty in Inside the White Cube.

I need to think lots more about this, but as LIKE WHEN YOU draws to a close, it looks like this is the main concern the project has brought into focus for me. We taped last night’s discussion, so I’m going to listen through it again, have another look at O’Doherty’s book, and another look at Allan Kaprow’s Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life.