My text work The Difficulty of Things will be on show at DUMB OBJECTS in Liverpool this month. I  wrote it for the Drawing Affinities exhibition in London this time last year, and it’s found a new life among “artists who are in the business of transforming and imposing their own readings onto objects; making them say new things”.

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dumb objects

This is a short extract from my text:

Here on the table where I put my cup, my mother put hers before me. A trace on the table marks the place very clearly, and with the care she took to keep her cup in place I line mine up precisely.

As I set down my cup, and it is still warm, it contains the opaque depth of her tea and I can taste the sugar and the milk. Through the affinity of place we remember one another back and forth, and confuse the lengths of our hands as we replace, and reach, and replace.

My cup will not stay still.

The Difficulty of Things is now in the collection of Amelie and Bruno Mourgue D’Algue, who are kindly lending the original work to Wolstenholme Projects for the exhibition.