I want my commentary (which I began the other day and posted here as Accretions) to tenuously construct the net of a machine/idea which is on the brink of disintegration throughout, and finally resists concluding into a thing.

The commentary is heavily dependent on a number of texts I have read, and its work is to create an apparatus (dispositif?) that negotiates through these texts the conceptual and methodological trajectories of my art practice. It is important that these texts be present in some form, but that they are not integrated into the commentary itself because they would thicken it unnaturally and keep it from dissipating.

I want the presence of these texts to reflect their function as utensils which I have operated in the creation of my writing: they enable the material of my writing, but the writing itself must exclude them (in the way that you don’t eat the tin opener with the beans).

When I make objects my raw materials are usually kitchen or haberdashery utensils, and if not specifically utensils (as in What The Matter Is) then at least things that are already in the room around me. My raw materials already function in the world as other things, and I am appropriating the value of their function to create new operations.

By referencing and quoting these original texts at length in accompanying but separate end notes, they are left to harden into things of their own before taking up roles in the new text. The texts remain distinct from one another and distinct from my writing, but punctuate and inflect one another at one remove as they meet obliquely among the strands of the commentary.

The notes will deal with one text at a time, providing a summary of its ideas and events that have some bearing on my work. The effect of this is to catalogue the researched information out of step with any reference to it in my commentary, and lightens the cumulative effect of my writing so that its end point resists corresponding with any revelation or conclusion. It brings to mind ‘the hundred windows of the text’ that comes up in my Afterward.