You have to choose utensils and put them all out on the kitchen table. Get a cup. Look at the shapes of the utensils, because some of them already have handles that you can use to help you. Consider the straight handles of some of the large spoons and pick up some of them while you think about them. Spend a long time holding two matching metal spoons with wooden handles because they each have a hole at the end which you can use to tie them together with string.

Test the spoons to see if they can hold the body of the cup between them if you press the ends of the two wooden handles towards each other. See if the spoons can lift the cup clear of the table. Find that the cup slides between the metal in such a way that it could slip out and fall.

Cast around. You have to get some string, wet the end of it with your mouth, push it through the two holes, and fasten them together with a tight knot while you hold the spoons in position around the cup by propping the cup between your elbow and your chest. Wrap the string around the wooden handles in loops that approach the bowls of the spoons. To stop the string from retreating back to the ends with the holes in you have to wrap it around the body of the cup until the handles are sturdier and you can lift the cup without touching it.

You have to leave it on the table for a while after it is finished so that when you come into the kitchen at other times of the day you notice it lying around.

Go outside onto the rectangle of tiles while the sun still reaches the eastern quarter of it. Move the chair so that you can sit in the heat but not face the glare of the light. As the sun retreats move the chair around the tiles so that your conditions remain constant, and when the triangle of sun slips clear of the tiles altogether you have to leave the chair in its final position and go inside.

You have to switch the kettle off before it boils, make tea inside the cup and try to lift the it using the spoons again. Stop lifting the cup before it leaves the table, as soon as the string slips from the side of the cup to the handle and the spoons loosen.

Remove the apparatus from the cup so that you can look at its handle. You have to find a utensil with a part that corresponds to the handle of the cup so the two can be attached at several points around their circumferences. Go to another room with the cup and look at other things you have, and hold parts of them against the cup handle when you think they could correspond. You have to pull one of the plastic hooks from the curtain rail in the bathroom and hold it in position against the handle of the cup while you go back to the kitchen and start to wrap string around both of them.