rhs-notebookcalculations321When I was at art school I spent a week at Trinity Buoy Wharf making some really bad site specific art which was then exhibited along with everyone else’s site specific art. (I also took lots of video, sitting in a boat I wasn’t sure I was allowed to be in, watching a piece of cord swaying obliquely, I must find that and see what it’s like.)

In the lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf there are some outdated computers playing a piece of music which is 1000 years long, and on the 31st December 2999 it will start playing again at the beginning.

Yesterday Anton showed me a video of a piano performance by Jem Finer, and afterwards I realised he was the same man who’d made Longplayer.

Things I like about this video in order of preference.

  1. the way he throws the bolt so it hits the strings and for a split second it’s all a cage
  2. discovering the pedals
  3. the first handful of piano keys thrown
  4. the acknowledgement of harp by the positioning of his chair
  5. imagining not seeing the video just hearing the sound
  6. how it’s like a factory
  7. the tone of his body, which is completely dead-pan apart from once when he throws keys over his shoulders and I think it gets a bit too theatrical
  8. how he keeps rolling his sleeves up and sniffing in a businesslike and casual way
  9. how it’s quite boring at times
  10. hearing the audience laughing, and wondering what they were expecting him to do