The other things on the table are books, moisturizer, the frizbee, a jar of felt-tips and a jar of coloured pencils, a plate of cold food, a teapot, a torn piece of cardboard with the internet password on it, my phone, two glasses, a kind of book stand, some headphones, a glasses case, a stapler, a black diary, some photocopied sheets, some white promotional post-it notes, a pencil case and a camera and a pair of glasses. The phone is on the floor now and the jar of felt-tips is on the chair. The pencil case and the one of the two glasses are on the chair too and the glasses are on the floor. Now the phone’s back on the table and the moisturizer is on the floor with the frizbee and the book stand. The post-it notes have gone to the chair and the pencil case is on the table. The teapot and the torn piece of cardboard with the internet password on it are still on the table. The other of the two glasses is on the chair too now. The stapler is on the floor. Now it’s on the chair. The internet password is on the floor and the torn piece of cardboard is on the chair. They are both on the table again now. My phone is on the table again too. The plate of cold food is on the chair with the photocopied sheets etc etc.