Imagine just as you’re reading the start of this paragraph your screen goes blank and you get one of those error messages you’ve never seen before and you know it might mean your hard disk has died. During this sentence imagine you start to think through all the things you didn’t back up, and now imagine you try to remember when you last backed up, and imagine now you try to remember what month it was, and imagine that takes a while because you have to try to remember what else was going on in your life at the time that you backed up last, and then try to work out what month those things happened in, and now in this last part of the sentence imagine trying to remember what things you’ve done since that month on your computer, which might be lost now.

During this paragraph imagine that your computer fan suddenly starts getting louder. In this sentence imagine the plastic around the screen gets very hot and in the time it takes you to read to this part of the sentence the blank screen starts getting colours like a puddle of petrol, and now imagine its shape is changing and it becomes, after a period of time a little longer than the length of time it takes you to read to here, because it becomes it not instantly but actually quite slowly, so that you don’t notice it at first, just slightly concave. During this sentence imagine being surprised your screen can go concave because of the material it’s made of, and because of the amount of heat you imagine there would have to be for that material to change shape. For this sentence imagine wondering where the heat is coming from, and now imagine checking to see if it’s plugged into the mains if it’s a laptop, and if it’s a desktop during this part of the sentence worry that it’s plugged in. If it’s a laptop but plugged in, or if it’s a desktop, now wonder how far down the cable the source of the heat is or whether it’s past the cable somewhere in the wall, and wonder whether it will be safe to unplug it. During that sentence you should have imagined you felt relieved if you have a laptop that’s already unplugged. Imagine feeling relieved for the next two paragraphs as well, and during them imagine looking at your laptop but standing back a bit from it.

During this paragraph imagine thinking that wherever the danger is, it’ll be worse if you leave the computer plugged in.

During this sentence imagine really quickly pulling the plug out of the socket on the wall and jumping out the way as fast as you can. During this sentence imagine you’re standing back from your computer but still watching it, and imagine you’re still watching it all the way to the end of this sentence, and imagine you’re quite interested to see what happens next, even though you know it might be dangerous and you should be getting the fire blanket from the kitchen etc etc.