hee-haw1Apparently we can describe water as being extraordinarily sticky.

Apparently between Deleuze, Agamben, Hegel and Heidegger we can read the following things.

The donkey brays, the duck quacks, the rooster crows. What does the human do? Human beings do not have a ‘voice’ of this kind because it has been replaced by meaningful discourse. Human language is an articulation of the vanishing trace of the animal voice at its death. Human speech is founded on a thing that is removed. Speaking beings and living beings are split. Speech and voice are split. In the gap of the split another voice appears: He that speaketh in me. The voice becomes a double negative: firstly it is the ‘having been” of the original animal sound; and secondly it cannot be spoken by the originary of its taking place. It is no good that speech has this negative foundation. Speech will continue to be founded on death as long as it refers back to the voice and as long as He that speaketh in me continues to have existed.