Yesterday and today I have been at the 176 project space. There was a lot of activity as the exhibition and events were on for only two days, and there were as many people with cameras and notepads producing responses and documentation as there were straightforward visitors. I was one of the notepad people, contributing to the ‘fanzine’ which was being printed in a side room where there were also a couple of sculptures and a film projection. People would come in and think we might be a performance, sitting at our tables with desk lights close to our pages.

The brief for contributors was “to document and write about the activities occurring over the weekend. Any style of writing is accepted but the output needs to be immediately produced and printed to appear in the ‘publication’ that is being produced onsite.” Everything offered was accepted, and individual texts were laid out in separate piles on tables so people could take away whatever caught their eye. A more selective publication is planned in the longer term.

I wanted to draw together my experiences of three specific works in the exhibition along with some other things that happened when I was there. The three works are: Boat (2005) by Rory Macbeth, Untitled (2009) by Haroon Mirza, and Funnel of Love (2009) by boyleANDshaw. The things that happened haven’t got titles. This is what I wrote:

FICTIONS (I want to have evidence)

I watch a man as reality hardens and bangs into him like a pane of glass.
It hurt and he laughs and goes round to the real doorway.
The water is on the outside of the bath and a man rows it until it is submerged.
The man swims back.
I stare at the eyes of a woman performing until a muscle in her neck contracts.
When I see her with her coat on upstairs later I pretend we haven’t met.
A voice without an accent is piercingly sharp like an alarm clock.
Many works are on loop, many works are on loop.
Loop is a sad thing to be on.
A technician screws in the last two energy-saving light bulbs and the one at the end begins to flick on and off. He says it’s been synchronised to the interference on the video and I regret that because I thought one was causing the other.