There’s a television in Inkpen.


In Mamma Mia Meryl Streep tiptoes around on the roof of a goat shed with Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and another man hiding inside, and she sings an ABBA song very loudly with loud twinkly background music. When one of her feet causes a very quiet creak near the trapdoor the three men inside look up at the ceiling suspiciously. They don’t hear a note of her very loud singing. In a scene soon afterwards when Meryl Streep is crying because Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and the other man are in her goat shed, Julie Walters sings a consoling ABBA song to her over the top of the cubicle door. No background music starts, it’s just a woman singing her heart out in the toilet, and when it zooms out we see the hotel maids sniggering because her voice doesn’t sound good at all.

When the zebra goes missing from the zoo in Madagascar the lion goes to the zoo payphone, calls 911 for help, and explains the situation they’re in. When it cuts to the operator he’s putting the phone down because all he can hear are strange muffled roars, which presumably he takes for interference. (Back in the zoo the lion suddenly hangs up and says “Oh no! We mustn’t phone the humans! [And there’s a pause] … They’ll get annoyed”.)

Tom Hanks’ thirty-something girlfriend in Big finally realizes he really is just a thirteen year old boy who’s been turned into an adult by wishing on a magic arcade game. They’re sad because they have grown to love one another in diverse ways, but any minute now he’s going to start looking thirteen again. She drives him to his mother’s house and when they say goodbye she kisses him on the forehead instead of on the lips because it would be weird now.