The title of this was a suggestion in an email that arrived this afternoon. I have been trying to think of a simile to describe the way the email arrived but it keeps sounding insufficient. There were going to be words like bright and breath, and relief.

Or it could be a blank talk, like a blank book. A book crafted to contain blank pages: not so that the pages are free to be filled, but rather so that the pages remain blank. What remains of such a book isn’t the endless potential of the freed imaginations it could contain (or for which it caters), but rather the clear and closed fact that it is blank.

This is what I want to do. I want to craft a blank talk that has not been made available as a repository for interpretation. That is to say, of course there will be unanticipated, imaginative interpretations, but the purpose of the talk is to be stricter, and closer, to my intention. I want to try to deaden it and make it blank, so that it stays blank. Aggressively empty? There is some gender here. And so it needs to be full of the blankness, it needs to be a complete, replete thing.

The notes scanned in are from a lecture Em went to about blank books. She took notes for me because I wasn’t there, and she gave me them. I don’t think she kept a copy for herself.