I made this site “published” this week which means anyone can read it. It was public to begin with too, but then somebody actually read it and that terrorized me so I made it private again, and since then all the posts were written just for me, as a sort of hyperlinked notebook. Now that it’s public again I’m concerned that I might be writing differently, and less usefully, if I imagine other people can read what I’m writing.

But these bits of interim writing have a function in relation to the rest of my work because they bleed out of the edges of the finished artworks I make and stop them ending too neatly. The edges of artworks are always a problem for me: when is something I do “part of my practice” and when isn’t it? when does one piece of artwork finish and the next start? when is what I write part of my artwork, when is it just some writing, when is it just workings-out for something that might become a visual or written work?

With this as it is, it becomes important to make this notebook writing available alongside my more carefully presented artwork on my website, in the same way that I want to get out my diaries or sketchbooks when I meet someone face-to-face who’s interested in my artwork, or to talk to them about where the work came from.

There’s probably a better way to do this than using an online blog platform, but practically it’s sufficient for now until I can think of something more carefully suited.