My research interest is the elusive point of touch between text and extra-textual world, which I approach in my practice through the quietening or ‘flattening’ strategies of multilingualism, translation and repetition. Flattening my writing frustrates its movement as a signifier and lands the text itself (rather than its printed form) in the world as an object. Through sustained consideration at doctoral level I plan to research how this text-as-object relates conceptually and practically to object-based artwork, and accordingly where it stands on the continuum of art and writing. During my PhD I plan to map out this continuum by surveying crossover written and visual practices (including Yve Lomax, Neil Chapman and Peter Dreher) in their historical and theoretical contexts. With this framework in place I will isolate specific instances that approach this ‘point of touch’, to then test and develop new concepts that will allow for the articulation of the text-as-object in a way that post-structuralist theory fails to do.