I spent Saturday morning at Freightliner’s Farm near King’s Cross. We’re preparing some children’s workshops and public artworks to install around the farm over the next couple of months, and the aim this weekend was to find out more about the farm so that we can have a better go at integrating our work into the community that’s there. The people there say the chickens are bored, for instance, so we are looking into devising some chicken-sized activities for them that won’t cause them harm or worry. An eleven year old boy showed Savvas and I how to feed the geese, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs, and then how to shovel manure into very big bags (just the best, juiciest bits), which we did for some hours until all the shit-related jokes were out of our systems.

Freightliner’s Farm

I’m thinking about volunteering there on a regular basis for a while, not just because of the healthy work and the easy atmosphere, but because there really is a community there, and it would be a shame not to get to know how things work and how people feel, so we can avoid