Look here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

 Raft 4

Raft 1

Raft 3

Raft 2

My studio doubles as a teaching room so I usually feel inclined to keep a certain air of respectability about it. I did once move a lesson to the kitchen because there was a large construction in my room which incorporated our desk and all the chairs, and that was met with some confusion and sideways-looking. But for the next few weeks a combination of exams and other work means my studio can remain my studio for weeks on end, and not having to pack things up mid-week makes a huge difference.

I’m finding a lot of the force of my boat/raft project is that it’s there all the time. I’m in the kitchen typing, but it’s still over in my room, even when I don’t need it. Sometimes I nip in and add something, or move something, and when it’s dark outside I turn on the lamps I’ve dotted around it and put on a record and sit with it.

The part-time job I’ve started is good in many (indeed, most) ways, but it isn’t self-led or related to my own interests in the way of most of my projects. It means what I need to do is assert myself elsewhere, and my boat is in my room like a beacon that quietly announces me over and over and over.