The Graham Hudson show at the Rokeby made me think about my own work, and the ongoing question of how to present it. My tomato holder, my pear holder, my getting ready box, my plant cup, my letter rack and now my raft were all made for me (more or less), but to show them would be to say “look, I did this and I want you to see it”. If it’s the same person making it and showing it, isn’t that tantamount to saying “look, I made this to show you it”. That contradicts the personal, secret, day-to-day functionality of the work.

So I’ve been thinking back to the work I made in the first year in which I assumed a persona for projects like the W5 project and A123456. It made it easier, cutting the relationship between artwork, artist and viewer into unproblematic sections by having an artist-maker and an artist-shower. But I’m no longer interested in the conceit of a persona, I think because since then I’ve worked out that artwork isn’t a pretence, it’s very real, and I no longer need to couch my activities in inverted commas.

But it raises a tricky question. I have an idea, when I do certain things, that I would like to consider them ‘part of my practice’… (I’ll come back to this later)